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chapter 11: page 14

2018-02-01 13:30:18

gurl, don't thank him, he should've organized this the moment you got there lmao.

tbh i wanted to have her think something like this, but then deciding to not pick at it when they are having a relatively normal comvo for once lmao.... i trimmed it out for space constraints, tho... //shrug// maybe one day i won't have to do that :'D

[also, to be fair, he has been trying to set this up for a while now...]

sorry for the long wait. AGAIN. there's no excuse really, just the same old shit xD i may be a grandma by the time this comic is done at this rate!!

anyway thanks for sticking with me. i know it's not really enjoyable at this pace xD but i will keep pluggin away at it, as always. ;n;/

^^^ since it's the last week this will be available to purchase [orders close on the 4th], i'm pimping this zine one last time. we broke $11k donations this week. i'm rly blown away by the response with this project ;0; it feels amazing to have had a hand in this. we got permission to post our pieces a few days ago so mine is on tumblr, but i doubt everyone is gonna share their piece, so it's still worth grabbing a copy [and also ur helping ppl so that's a bonus XD]
- order a copy
- zine previews
- my piece

see you guys next time!

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