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Victoria Jane Scott
aka Vix
birthday: april 13th | age: 17 | height: 5'4

Though raised by humans, Vix has always known she was an unhuman, something of an empath. Because of this, her personality and moods can shift depending on those around her, making it easier to blend in, but also making it hard for her to know exactly what she herself is feeling at times.

She enjoys listening to and making her own music.

Kouya Hajime [koh-ya ha-jee-meh]
aka Kou
birthday: november 4th | age: ?? looks early-mid 20's... | height: 6'1

An unaging man that has appeared and protected Vix from dangers as far back as she can remember. Though Vix thinks of him as her guardian angel, Kou is actually a vampire hybrid, and protecting Vix is just his job.

He has a vague interest in linguistics and writing, although his pensmanship is quite horrible. His favourite passtime is photography.

Arianna Russo
birthday: september 19th | age: mid-late 30's | height: 5'6

Arianna is a human woman, married to the vampire Lysander, a joining which is uncommon, especially considering her husband's objectional personality. She is usually a kindhearted and very polite woman... however, she is also fiercely maternal, and manners tend to take the back seat if she feels loved ones are threatened.

She is one of the few humans that lives at the inn, and acts as the bartender from time to time.
Lysander Russo
birthday: ?? | age: ?? looks maybe 20ish. | height: 5'9

Arguably the most famous vampire -- perhaps even the most famous unhuman as well. He is the leader of his clan [although not vampire exclusive] and is credited for leading the unhumans out of hiding and into the spotlight, although initially not by choice. He doesn't like to beat around the bush, being always brutally honest with anyone and everyone; this tends to earn him a reputation of being a complete dick [actually, it might be true].

He enjoys smoking. All the time.

The Twin
birthday: ??? | age: ??? | height: 5'6

A mysterious, almost mirror version of Vix, who dwells in a strange, watery landscape. Often she will offer Vix advice or warning, but it is unclear exactly what she is or why she even exists in the first place.
"Arliss" Jang [arr-liss jong] (birth name jang min-hee)
aka Arlie
birthday: october 21st | age: 16 | height: 5'5

A spunky girl that Vix meets by accident at the inn, and Vix's first proper friend after leaving home. Arliss enjoys a good joke every now and then... eh, who are we kidding? She's a total prankster! If a situation is tense, she'll break the ice, and even a more serious person will be effected by her charisma. Most find it hard to dislike her, and she tries to keep it that way.

She is an artist, particularly of portraits and caricatures, and dabbles in various crafts.

"Rylie" Weber [ry-lee veeh-buh] (birth name unknown)
birthday: ?? | age: ?? looks in mid-late 20's. | height: 5'7

As a succubus, Rylie is basically walking sex, and doesn't have to work hard for attention from either gender. She gets along with most everyone and is always looking out for the ones she cares for. She seems to have a thing for Kou that she conceals quite poorly... She is a gifted seamstress and designer of clothes. Her first language is German.
aka Zeke, the heretic, the watcher
birthday: ?? | age: ?? looks 30-ish. | height: 5'11

A mysterious man Vix finds locked away in the basement, a man she immediately feels she has seen before somewhere but is unable to place ...
Johanna & Seth
aka "Jo" and ... "Seth"...>_>;

Jo and Seth are Vix's best friends [jo since 1st grade, seth since 6th]. Jo is energetic and flirty, extremely passionate about pretty much everything; she is led by her emotions. Seth, on the other hand, is rather laid back and logical, a near opposite to Jo, proving that opposites do attract... :)

Vix sort of idolizes them as the perfect couple.
birthday: february 19 | age: 17 | height: 5'9

A friend of Vix's from High School; Elijah's older brother.
birthday: ?? | age: ?? looks 20. | height: 5'5

A strange phoenix woman that Vix is introduced to after her first brush with blood lust. Ophelia is generally good natured and very down to earth, but seems slightly eccentric.
Julianne Eleanore Scott
aka "Julie" or "Julia"

Vix's quirky but attentive mother. Robert, her husband, died when Vix was only 5, so it has been just the two of them for the past 12 years. She dotes upon her daughter, spoiling her any chance she gets.

She works at the local elementary school, teaching 4th grade English, a job that she seems to enjoy immensely.
Richard Peen
aka "R. Peen", "Nudist Hick Man"

Richard is not an actual character in dream*scar, but more of a bad inside joke [dickpenislololol ._.] He is an old character who constantly was drawn naked with "NUDE" written down his front. He speaks only with "HYUK!" and has an unhealthy obsession with Kou.

R. Peen is something of an easter egg in d*s. He appears at least once per chapter. Have fun trying to find him. 8D and then you shall cry, because he is so creepy looking.

these are the main races mentioned in d*s, although there are others as well.

Much like the lore, vampires can't go into sunlight, although it is unknown as to why; holy objects, especially wielded by one with strong faith, repel them. Generally, vampirism comes with excelled strength, speed, and logistics, along with other abilities that develop with age and a drastic increase in all senses. Differing from the lore, garlic does not repel them [although the strong smell is certainly unpleasant] and stakes to the heart, while annoying, will not slay or bind them. They rely soley on blood to sustain themselves, and while it doesn't have to be human, it is definitely preferred.
Notable Vampires: Lysander, Zeke, Trina (intro'd later)

Extremely rare due to complicated births and unstable genetics, dhampirs are the offspring of a vampiric father and a human mother. Records of these children are scarce, but from what is known, most of the children are male, and the abilities they gain tend to depend on the parents. They are day walkers and do not require blood to live [although there are exceptions to both of these]. It is believed the father has a certain control over it's hybrid child.

Unfortunately, these hybrid children ususally don't live very long. The reason is unknown, but perhaps can be attributed to their unstable nature; basically a human with supernatural abilities, it would probably eventually tear them apart, phyically and mentally...
Notable Dhampirs: Vix, Zeke (formerly)

A line of vampires that seem to have 'evolved', these are vampires that can walk in the sunlight, although prolonged exposure can prove deadly; they are also referred to as Shadows, due to the fact that their abilities are [at best] half as effective as their vampire counterparts. Much like their vampire and dhampir cousins, each excels at certain things, depending on the human before being turned.
Notable Hybrids: Kou, Andre, Dana (intro'd later), Milla (intro'd later), Brayden(intro'd later)

Cursed people who are forced to change into wolves at the full moon. There are a few types of werewolves, but the most common have come to control their minds during their transformation. These common werewolves appear on the full moon as simple wolves of a slightly large size, with the heightened senses of wolves and sharpened mind to the presence of their brothers and sisters. Some can even transform when the moon is not full, but they need to see it in order to trigger the change.

Other types of werewolves do exist, including those that take on a halfwolf shape ['true' werewolves]. These are quite rare in the current time, because of their very unstable nature. Most were hunted down and destroyed many years ago.

Werewolves make up the largest percentage of the unhumans.
Notable Werewolves: Arliss, Myung (intro'd later), Demitry (intro'd later)

Demons who feed off the sexual energy of their victims. Most of these demons are extremely attractive and are almost always charming/alluring to the object of their attention. Victims of these demons generally feel weak after their encounter, and often desire for sex is completely decimated for days or weeks, even months, depending on the ... vigour of the encounter. 8D;

Incubi/Succubi exhibit strength beyond that of a human, especially after 'feeding', but below that of most of the other common unhumans, making them sort of vulnerable. On the other hand, rarely would anyone or anything want to hurt them, as they can easily manipulate any enemy.
Notable Demons: Rylie

The first in the list of adapting unhumans, phoenixes were once beautiful birds who, at the end of their life, would burst into flames and then would be reborn from the ashes. Like many of the old races, most phoenixes have mastered the art of disguise, taking a human shape. Aside from being practically immune to permanent death, phoenixes seem to have a sort of telepathic gift, making them rather accurate psychics.
Notable Phoenixes: Ophelia

The knowledge keepers of the unhumans, unicorns have an exquisite collective memory. Much like the phoenixes, unicorns have adapted to a more human form, although they have been unable to fully mimick the human appearence; they retain their horn, tail, and pale skin, amongst other defects. They have healing abilities, as well as the ability to make you go deaf with how much they like to talk.

They are pacifists to a fault.
Notable Unicorns: Galliot (intro'd later), Senhalou (intro'd later)

Dragons are a very proud race, and refused for the longest time to adapt when humans began to dominate the world. They paid for their pride and were hunted nearly to extinction; probably fewer than 50 remain. Those that survived the slayers can no longer fly, although probably this is because these dragons had no wings to begin with [the fliers were the most stubborn].

They are the strongest of the unhumans, without exception. Put a single dragon in a room full of angry unhumans and they'd still come out on top.
Notable Dragons: Renkhu (intro'd later)

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