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Side Comics
The Return of Dog
(3 pages - vix, kou, rylie, peen dog - semicanon [between ch7&8] - funny, cute)
If they left the stuffed dog at the boardwalk, how did Vix get him back...?

Flowers for Kou
(1 page - child!vix, kou - semicanon [backstory] - cute)
Ooolddd comic lol

The Photo Album
(3 pages - kix - various charas - suuuper not canon [post d*s] - cute, funny)
Kou looks through a photo album with his kid.

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DevArt: OLD Vote Incentives.

thank you guys so much!
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please don't look if nudity or sexual art makes you uncomfortable!
you were warned! personally i love this stuff!! XD

basically stuff written by other people about my comic!
thanks guys!

Tangent Reviews
long time reader Robert Howard offers a really nice and honest review!

Webcomics, Yeah!
a very amusing review!

Webcomic Authority
Not sure this counts and it's pretty old, but, hey, neat!

d*s TVTropes page
feel free to add anything you like to this! it's all fanbased, i ain't touchin' it!

mostly tutorials, but eventually will have music videos as well :]

the infamous youtube playlist i always talk about...

Song list -- descriptions/explanations for the songs in the playlist :)

i'll add more things to this section as i think of them.
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