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chapter 11: page 13

2017-12-07 20:34:56

drawing lysander caught off guard is rly unsettling... i don't like doing it... vix stop freaking ur dad out. D:

this page has been done for a few days, but life has been kind of a butt lately :'D i can't guarentee that's gonna let up anytime soon tho, and i do need to open commissions once again, so...fhgjhfdgjk hahasjkG fml. i will do my best to keep updating as often as possible tho ;0;/ i also have some d*s art i rly need to post somewhere soon too... it's been on patreon all alone for a while lmao. maybe i will try to set up TWC again :|a ... hmm. next update, maybe?! D: i'll figure it out. i should be finished entirely with zine work by then. speaking of which lol...

^^^ yes this again. it's on the final week of preorders~ we're almost done compiling everything, and the donations are up to nearly 8k now ;0; i already talked about this project on the last news post, so i won't ramble much more again, but here's some links lol:
- preorder a copy
- zine previews
- preview of my own piece

see you guys next time!

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