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(like all trailers, this video has some spoilers)
Set in a post-modern alternate reality, dream*scar shows a world where Unhumans, the creatures of myth and lore, live openly amongst humans. The Reveal only happened some 20 years ago, and so times are still relatively chaotic for everyone involved [racism especially rampant]. Amidst all this is a girl named Vix. She knows she is an unhuman, and she knows how they are treated, but she is lucky -- she's an empath, and her powers easily hidden. But when something goes wrong, and people end up dead, she begins to realize that there's more to her abilities than she can even comprehend...
Urban Fantasy
PG-16 for violence, language, adult situations and some nudity.


Name: Heather Meade
Aka: H, Hchano, Hchan
Bday: March 20
More: I've been drawing since I was a little kid. I have massive ADD, thus always failed my art classes in High School and I haven't been tempted to sign up for any in college, so everything I know is self taught. Thank you, internet!

dream*scar is my first serious attempt at drawing a comic [gag strips don't count. right? lol], so bear with me! I'm still learning here =)

Originally from Florida Kytodge, Cabroot, I now live in California with my boyfriend Fiance Husband, Josh, our two awesome cats Vixie and Kouru [yes... lol], and, as of September 2012, our daughter Izzie!

Places to find/contact me:
Email (redirects to my personal email so my reply will be from gmail)

I also have AIM but have recently stopped sharing my username on websites, due to creepers. Sorry, blame the creepers lmao. 8( [but you can still ask me for it] MAN I'M OVER IT. MY SCREENNAME IS VIX VENACK. COME AT ME!!

Awesome helper people:
- Josh codes my site for me. I have no idea what the hell he does but, well, here it is. Thanks babe =D
- Matt & Ki are my two buddies who give me advice on art when I get stuck or if something looks wrong. I guess they are like my unofficial editors. But they are really helpful!! They also make me laugh about it. I love them. xD
- ANYONE READING THIS COMIC, cos I suck at spreading the word and most of the people who read my comic tell me that they tell their friends to check it out. THIS IS EXTREMELY AWESOME AND HELPFUL, so thanks guys!

past layouts will be shown here

'Ordinary Life'
Version #02
-- current layout.
so i show you my sins,
show me all your scars...
as we settle in,
it's written in the stars...
your watery eyes got me, send me floating
and my weak heart is swimming with devotion...
but in this life,
i'll give it time...
cos its always spinning up from behind.
it'll be alright.
it will be fine.
cos it's nothing more than ordinary life...

More: This layout features Vix and her dream twin [who at the moment, is still unexplained, so i won't spoil it :)]. The song chosen for this is 'Ordinary Life' by Kristen Barry. This has always been a Vix song for me, and I've found that the lyrics fit these two relatively well... so here we are xD

This is the layout that introduced the comic showing up on the front page, and a comment system from disqus~! Yay, we can talk!

'Invisible Man'
Version #01
-- screenshot.
that's all that's left behind ...
the skies
the sights
and a sweet caress
he's the invisible man
catch him if you can

More: I thought this would be a decent starting layout. It featured a landing page with all the news and what not, and links to the pages. Bleh! The layout itself starred Vix and Kou, based on the song 'Invisible Man' by The Breeders. I've always associated this song with them, due to his sort of invisible presence throughout her life... made sense to me!

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