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*updated answer 9/29/15* When do you update?
Tuesday or Friday! I've prided myself on posting every week since the beginning with barely any missed updates that weren't related to vacations or holidays [or popping out a baby :P], but as of early 2015, I've had major issues with my wrist [tendinitis, nerve damage, etc] that now cause me to need to slow down a bit. As such, I don't want to promise that I can update EVERY Friday anymore... but I will update any Tuesday OR Friday after a page has been completed. Feel free to subscribe to the rss feed to get notified of updates, or like the d*s facebook page, where I tend to post most progress and comic related news.
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Why don't you ever capitalize dream*scar? It's a title after all!
There is no real reason for this. It just looks more appealing to me in lower case. :)

How long have you been working on this story?
Strangely enough, this story began from an old vampire RP storyline [dubbed 'venack'], back in early 1998. I played as Vix in it, and she was one of Kou's vampiric fledgelings. Eventually, I made a mini comic chronicling soap opera that was the Venack RP. In 2001, after probably 600 or so pages in notebooks of doodles, I kind of burnt myself out/realized it was really bad and just scrapped it, and started brainstorming on how to make it into a better storyline that was more my own. I started writing it as a novel in mid 2003 til late 2008 and now I just want to freaking turn it into a damn comic again. What a vicious cycle 8D

Oh, so this used to be an RP? How many characters are actually yours?
No one has asked me this in a long time, tbh, but I wanted people to know! Dana and Trina belonged to two old friends of mine from our RP... I've changed them a lot, but I still think of them as guests in my head. Kou used to belong to my buddy, Matt, but when he quit the RP, he gave Kou to me to do whatever I wanted with... so I fixed him up and made him into a hottie, and gave him an actual story/personality etc... so he's totally mine now haha. Also, Demitry [ch 10] belongs to my friend Luna, but she allows me to use him in the story cos she likes seeing his sexy ass.

*updated answer 2/20/14* So you said you wrote this as a novel first, right? Can I see it?
This has been coming up a lot! Unfortunately I'd really rather not share it, at least not in it's current state...
- It's craaaaaap. I am not saying that to be humble -- it is literally very awful. Like, bad fanfiction level writing. Not even kidding. No one reacts to anything in any realistic manner... the dialogue is awful... it's just bad guys, trust me.
- I've already changed a lot for the comic, so it's no longer all that accurate... it would basically be like reading a different story.
- Related to the previous, I don't want the novel to change how the comic is perceived, which I really think it might!! [in a bad way omg.]
- I don't wanna have spoilers floating around, cos the further in it gets, the more accurate the novel is to the comic's storyline @_@! And even the early sections, there are major play points that are still present in the comic, they're just handled badly lol.
All that said, I might spruce up the novel sometime and release it for kindle or something, if people are really that interested! But I don't know when, since the comic definitely takes priority, and that takes up most of my free time as it is! Aaand when I said spruce up, I actually meant REWRITE ENTIRELY XD;;

*updated answer 02/20/14* How long is d*s going to be? Do you know how it's going to end?
I get this a lot! I don't know what the exact chapter count will be, but there will be at least 40 chapters. The novel made it to chapter 35 before I stopped and the rest is in note form... which sort of answers the next question! Yes, I do know how it ends... for the most part. Since I've already changed so much for the comic version, that ending might be changed a little bit or a lot... I dunno for sure yet! I have quite a while to sort it out tho...

*added 11/08/09* Where is [character]? Why are they missing [item/tattoo/etc]? I've seen them on your Deviantart page, why aren't they in the comic?! And how come [character] doesn't know [character]?! WHYYYY! etc etc etc ...
LOL. So I figured that this would come up, since these characters are so old in my art. People who've watchrf my DA account for a long time prolly notice some things about the charas that aren't really carrying over to the comic. YET! It's just that! It hasn't happened to them yet! So that scar or tattoo hasn't happened yet, or that person there hasn't met the other! =D This is why it's fun! You get to see for yourself why they are the way they are =]

*added 02/26/10* Did you get the idea for d*s from the True Blood books?
My friend brought up that I might get people asking this. I didn't know this was a book series and hadn't heard a lot about the show. One of my friends loves the show cos there's a buncha sex lol...so he's always trying to get me to watch it, but I don't have HBO =( But yeah, I saw one of the books in a grocery store about a year ago, and saw they had a "True Blood" ad on the front. I opened it and the first thing I saw was the use of the word 'unhuman' in the jacket description. This scared me a bit, but not as much as the description for the setting of the books, which said something about the unhuman types revealing themselves to the human world. v.v But I figured, hey, it's bound to happen. So I flipped to a random page and the first thing I saw there was the name "Hoyet". This creeped me out wildly, cos my stepdad is named Hoyet lol [who willingly names their character that?!]... so I skimmed through and also saw Andre [vix's love interest initially], and another character named Arlene, which reminded me of Arlie [introduced in around chapter 7]. So really my first encounter with this series was shocking. I still haven't read it, so I don't know how much more is similar [aside from it seeming like ALL sorts of unhumans are common knowledge -- i thought it was just vamps til today T_T], so if there are other similarities, feel free to point them out, but don't expect me to have a lot to say about them I guess xD
[3/2/11 edit: btw, i have read the books now. i'm way less concerned xD series is so different it's not even funny xD]

*added 12/16/11* Is [Character #1] with [Character #2] or [Character #3]? Do #1 and #2 end up together? etc etc
;P I'm pretty big against spoilers, so I won't be answering this!! But I do need to make one thing clear: I ship my own characters. Even if I know they won't end up together in the story, I SHIP THEM. So a lot of the art I draw might not be exactly canon, while some of it actually is... :'D Sorry if this answer is sort of maddening, but... well, just wait and see! I promise that there actually are canon ships in the story eventually :)

*added 11/22/13* You went on a pregnancy hiatus for a while and I lost my place! Where did you leave off?
The page where I left off was chapter 7: page 48!! Hope that helps =) [and welcome back!]

*added 2/13/15* I've heard you're working on editing the early pages for print. Will those be posted on the site?
Mostly, no. I may update one or two of the pages [and i will post about it when i do :)], to fix some plotholes, but for the most part I'd rather keep the old artwork up. I've never been one to bury my old art. I like having it visible for me and others, as proof that improvment happens over time. It's a great confidence booster :)

Art Questions

How long does it take you to do a page?
O lawd... Probably 8-12 hours or something, over many days. I get really anal about things looking good... hopefully I will get passed that so I can post more often xD

How long have you been drawing/HOW'D YOU LEARN TO DO THAT/etc?
This question has always boggled me, but I get it a lot, as I am sure pretty much every other artist does... lol. I've been drawing for as long as I can remember. I used to draw Lion King and Jurassic Park when I was younger... I only started seriously drawing people when I got into anime at like age 13 or so. Everything I know how to do is self taught, just trial and error. I still have a lot of error, due to my laziness toward studying... lol. I also love to read art tutorials, even if I already know how to do something. Sometimes people point out things I didn't realize on my own, and they turn out to be really helpful. Anyway, just keep practicing. I know it's like a broken record hearing that response, but if you are bad at something, draw it. Bad at feet? Draw a few pictures where the character is barefoot and the feet are visible! Bad background? Draw some pictures that include a background! Sure, they'll look bad at first, but you'll get better =) Remember, you can always search google or go outside and draw from life! It helps! You don't need to pay big bucks for art school to learn, you can do it all yourself =) [though i am sure art school wouldn't hurt -- it's just really expensive!]

*added 2/20/14* Yea but how do you even--

*updated 2/13/15* What do you use to draw?
For the comic and other art on my computer, I use Photoshop CS3 and a wacom tablet -- Intuos2 from chapter 1 to chapter 9. Midway thru ch9 I upgraded to a Cintiq 12WX. For my traditional work, I mainly use prisma markers, and a variety of coloured pencils. Other traditional tools include white out, good ol fashioned WATER, gel pens, and makeup [ususally blush and eyeshadow but have used lipstick as well haha].

Are you taking commissions?
As of Jan 2012, I am on a commissions hold. I'll make an announcement if I open them up again.

How much do you charge for your commissions?
Currently not set. The prices need to be reworked. But like anything, it would depend on the style and detail of the piece being commissioned. Once I open commissions again, a pricelist will be available.

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