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chapter 11: page 15

2018-04-23 20:19:38

yea, what could he possibly want to talk about? ...find out in 6 months in the next update!!! gkfgdhgkfdjgfdhj

okay but real talk, good god. this has not been a good time for d*s. between the usual izzie filled days and being out of town, my tablet decided to have two separate issues [flickergate and the recent windows 10 update] ... it's just not been a very productive time :'D;;;; i really thought i would get this page out waaaaaaaaaay sooner e_e;;; sigh.

anyway i'm sorry this page is very content light. in the flow of things it made sense to have a beat here, but it's kinda torture with my current pace, and i apologize for that :'D;;;; i can't even promise the next update will be any faster. i've come to the realization lately that izzie being at school just means i'm more busy than ever lmao;;;; i realized i only get about 1-2 hours of drawing a day [assuming i draw each day]. izzie is only at school for about 5 hours, but...driving, doing errands, chores, eating, etc xD it takes a lot out of that time. plus days off for wrist rest sometimes. i have less on fridays cos i volunteer at izzie's school, and nearly every day after school we're out and about instead of home. i get more drawn in my sketchbook these days than in photoshop @_@ it's good cos i love drawing on paper, but not...good for d*s xD;;;

hmm, i was going to link to some d*s things i've drawn on paper during my surface pro downtime, but i'm realizing i only posted a few publicly even tho i drew a lot more xD;;; here's a few that i did post tho. i'll try to upload more over time...

anyway, see you guys next time ;n;/

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