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chapter 9: page 18

2014-03-07 11:53:27

Lysander, never failing to make a poor impression even through a flashback. 8D And haaay it's those guys from chapter 2...

Also I had to clip/alter some of the dialogue on this and the next several pages due to space constraints. So if her saying something like "when the reveal happened, things... changed" seems a bit HELLO CAPTAIN OBVIOUS HOW ARE YOU, it's because of that aahaha.

OKAY 2 WEEKS BREAK TIME while I visit my family in FL! I hope I will be able to post the Friday after I return [the 28th] but I can't guarentee it, since I've literally drawn nothing in 2 weeks and my buffer is literally 100% gone now @_@;... and also when I return home we'll have J's parents living with us for a couple months while they work on moving into a new home, and I'd feel like a total ass if I just drew all day instead of being a bit hospitable. xD I'll keep you guys updated on FB/Twitter as always :)

And an update on my wrist, literally yesterday I was able to doodle a little bit without pain! It's the first time I tried since it started bugging me 2 weeks ago tho... I am taking it slow, so I didn't draw too much, but it's progress =D GO ME!

The SNOW BY NIGHT ART CONTEST is still going! The deadline was extended and the theme was expanded upon a bit! I'm still cursing my stupid wrist, tho maybe I can do something in my sketchbook in FL for it fjdskfjksf FINGERS CROSSED. ARM CONTINUE TO HEAL LFHASJFuygsghj

Current Incentive:

sneak peek at the next page! the inked parts are all I got done yesterday... granted I only drew for about 30 mins but still haha... blaghdfjg. I left some dialogue visible so you don't have to wait 2 weeks for the 'punchline' to the current page xD

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