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chapter 9: page 19

2014-03-28 00:38:22


sooo..... remember how i was gonna try and draw a buncha shipping arts for you guys to enjoy and drool over

I DIDN'T DRAW NEARLY AT ALL WHILE IN FL I'M SORRY /SOB like I literally didn't touch my sketchbook til the final night and even then I only got to the inking stage lmao..fdsfjksdfs dgfsdgk fack.

On the other hand, I had a lot of fun on my birthday trip! I got to see a bunccchhhh of family members I hadn't seen since I was 10 whoooa [aunt kay, i still believe you are an unaging vampire -- what the heck, lady?!] and got to hang with my bestie, who I haven't seen since my wedding ;_; [the fish bowl made it alive, btw]! ooohhh and my mom took me to a shoe place that sells a shitload of wides, so I got some new actual girly[!!!] shoes for the first time in like 10+ years /screaming THEY ARE FABULOUS but i'm sad that this store only exists in the south east... [it's called the shoe station, if anyone has my same issue and is in that area xD]

also also my friends all pitched in or something and got me a fuckin cintiq??!! i don't have it yet since i haven't hung out with them but omg forever 8D i'm excited to try it out... my intuos2 has served me well for 12+ years...it is time for it's long sleep e.e;; i hope the learning curve on that thing isn't too bad tho...i don't need any setbacks since i have no buffer right now XD;

also look at this adorable art panny drew for my bday xDD vix with our mutual buddy's chara, rabbu, and IDK RANDOM UNICORN CHIKA OF HERS but sjfafsk

I THINK THAT IS IT but i also feel like i am forgetting something..............gsjkggsd

Current Incentive:

the thing i drew on my last night in FL, only spruced up a bit in photoshop. it's a remake of an older pic, but i couldn't remember the old pic very well [no internet] so this is how it came out lol. [song used]

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