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chapter 8: page 13

2013-08-23 08:59:49

I know people have been waiting for this guy to pop up again haha. As much as I hated this coming scene [had to rewrite and redraw several pages til it came out right haha] I am glad to get to it xD I felt bad for neglecting him ._.; I am sure Vix is wondering how the fuck she managed to forget there was a dude locked up in the basement -- or even a place for that to even happen LOL

I think I had something to say in this news post but I forget it now... oh well.

[read this news post for wtf i am talkin' about, willis]

Current Incentive:

[MILDLY NSFW because there is brief nudity and suggestive things in the video, but the vote picture is SFW... ]
Companion video to last week's vote video! This is the Kylie one, using a song that's p much always been a Rylie song for me XD It's not quite as good cos I have less art of them [explained on the vid desc] but I figured there are a couple things ppl haven't seen before. Also this one is more NSFW than the Kix one, so be careful. Also also, IRONICALLY, the youtube video is blocked in GERMANY of all places, so I also uploaded it to Vimeo. If the Vimeo one is also blocked for you ppl in Germany, lemme know. I will upload the video to my server and link it down in the comments section for you :)

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