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chapter 8: page 14

2013-08-30 09:40:29

Dude someone get this guy a cheeseburger, he lookin' hagard as fuck. 8D

Anyone remember this guy? ...yeah. I went ahead and updated his info on the character page with his name/nicknames [and updated his picture mmmmm], cos I guess I don't really mind disclosing that, since it's not a spoiler. xD [i also finally changed the twin's name away from ??? cos i kept meaning to do that]

SPIDERFOREST APPS ARE CLOSED and everyone who applied should be getting some news soon [i think we send them out on the 1st]. Thanks to everyone who applied, it was fun to have an excuse to read some new comics :) I'll be plugging the ppl who were accepted on next week's update. =)

Izzie's birthday is on Monday. WHERE DID THE YEAR GO. /faceindirt

Current Incentive:

A drunk doodle of Rylie x Kou x Vix XDDD It took me a while to figure out what I wrote here, so goodluck. Also there is an inked pic of Zeke and Vix that is reaaallly old, but I figured I could share it now. I know there's at least one faithful reader who might appreciate it :')

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