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chapter 8: page 10

2013-08-02 09:24:10


Did you get all that, Vix...?

Vix: @_@;; Uuhh, I--

Thatta girl!


- We're accepting applications RIGHT NOW!! August 1st - 24th.
- After that, we'll be reading thru and voting on new applicants, which should only take a week, unless we're really debating something [sometimes it's hard to choose!] So you should find out if you were accepted or not first week of Sept.

What we do
- Supportive community! Needs critiques or advice? We help each other with that! Just want other webcomicers to talk to? We do that too 8D
- Hosting! If you need hosting for your webcomic, we offer that! If you don't that's good too! [note: i host my own comic, but i am a part of SF still!]
- Cross Advertisement! If you look at the top of my site, you'll see a banner. Refresh my page, and another banner will pop up! These are all Spider Forest comics! Having this banner is literally the only thing you are required to change about your website. Pretty simple and gets you more visitors =)

What we want
- Comics with a good/coherent story [or a good punchline, if it's a strip!]
- Currently be updating your comic regularly/on a relative schedule if possible.
- At least 15 pages of comic completed/a good base established [15 pages isn't always enough to know what your comic is trying to do!]
- Be willing to continue updating your comic! It would be sad if you joined, only to give up a month later ;_;

App & email listed here, as well as a better idea of what we offer.

Feel free to check out our forums if you wanna get to know us a bit first haha [tho i think we might be more active in the members only area tbh]. Even if you aren't interested in joining, feel free to hang out anyway. We have a critique forum there if you've ever wanted some open critique but didn't know how or where to ask for it... or you could just hang out and share your artwork or chat or whatev.

Current Incentive:

I didn't doodle anything extra this week, cos I spent all my freakin' time rescripting an upcoming scene and then completely reworking all the thumbnails for those pages e_e;;; So this week is just the sketch from this page [so you can see how much/little changes], and a peek at where I am on next week's page [i am usually done with the next page already by the time i update so i'm...pretty far behind @_@;]

Support d*s!