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chapter 5 cover - "these fangs"

2010-08-23 20:23:04

This cover features Jo! Did anyone miss her? I did. XD Which is why I used her for the cover! Yeahhh!

The chapter title and lyrics are based off two Say Hi songs, Blah Blah Blah and These Fangs. Check them out and their other songs too. Fun group.

Anyway, check back Friday for the first page =)

Current Incentive:

[No new incentive, same as Friday's! But feel free to vote again!]
A picture of Kou and Rylie in her more succubine form [vix met rylie briefly on ch4-pg8]. I love drawing these two. This is the picture I said I gave up on in a previous incentive which you can view here... but I ended up mucking around with it lol. I am showing both the original scan and the photoshop edit of the pic.. my scanner absolutely RAPES my art, so I end up having to fix it sometimes. This one I tweaked a lot since the colours got so washed out and some of the dark colours scanned way lighter. I figure it might be interesting to see both xD

next update: fri, aug 27th
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