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chapter 4: page 16

2010-08-19 20:01:24

Vix learns what a Long Island Iced Tea is the hard way...

Thus ends chapter 4! It was a short one... sorry. LOL Check back Tuesday for the chapter 5 cover. =)

I am not sure people actually keep up with my extras section, but I am not longer going to update that playlist.com music list, because the site keeps deleting all the songs I add. I am using youtube instead:

Go here to listen to music! -- turn on the autoplay [if you don't know how, it should be on the little floating bar along the bottom of the browser window, on the far right.]

Be sure to check back whenever you think to, I update it pretty frequently. The music ranges a lot of genres, but they all have some kind of meaning for me in regards to d*s. Some are just songs that feel like d*s, like Remember Me by The Birthday Massacre, which has lyrics that fit the overall mood of the storyline, or Bela Lugusi's Dead by Bauhaus, which is set to a stripping scene that happens later [lol not telling who or why].

There are also more songs on there than I could find on PL.com, so... yeah.

Anyway enjoy!!

[edited pages this update: ABOUT (changed some info), CHARACTERS (the flavour text for the portraits), EXTRAS (yt playlist link, tv tropes link).]

Current Incentive:

A picture of Kou and Rylie in her more succubine form [vix met rylie briefly on ch4-pg8]. I love drawing these two. This is the picture I said I gave up on in a previous incentive which you can view here... but I ended up mucking around with it lol. I am showing both the original scan and the photoshop edit of the pic.. my scanner absolutely RAPES my art, so I end up having to fix it sometimes. This one I tweaked a lot since the colours got so washed out and some of the dark colours scanned way lighter. I figure it might be interesting to see both xD

next update: tue, aug 24th
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