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chapter 11: page 16

2018-06-04 23:37:09

it's like when ur driving and realize you spaced out and you don't remember the last 8 miles of road at all

ok full disclosure, panel 1 was meant to be drawn with two panels but the layout [and my stupid art blooock xD] was just not having it XD;;; so so i feel like panel 1 is lacking a lot of personality ;0; augh. but a page goes up! so i can't complain too much :'D/

in other news, izzie's last day of school is this week already... i have no idea if i will have more or less free time. i can't remember summer life anymore lmao... //laysonface i can only hope but i have no promises. same as always, i'll keep plugging at my own pace xD

in other other news... spiderforest is running a kickstarter for a comic anthology!

it's a collection of comics based on those loveable scamps, the rogues :'D organized and filled with wonderful original works from my fellow collective mates. please consider backing it!!

i feel like i had something else i needed to say here but i'm drawing a blank :T if i remember, i'll drop a message into the comment section and pin it xD;

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