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chapter 11: page 12

2017-11-16 13:15:56

good cover lysander, not suspicious at all :'D/

whew! sorry for the long break between pages. i mentioned last upate that i was working on a charity piece. i was working on it side by side with the d*s page up until i finished inking and realized i probably wouldn't finish the charity piece by the deadline if i kept alternating lol... it ended up being a lot more ambitious than expected [3 separate scenes with different lighting and full backgrounds...argh!!!]... even with me not touching d*s, i only managed to finish it with 2 days to spare on the deadline... ;;;

but!!! it was finished last week, so i'm back to d*s ;0;/ so i'm sorry again for the long wait lol XD i am running low on page thumbnails i think at this point, so i need to sit and sketch up some more...hopefully it won't be too much delay xD this chapter has a lot of background and perspective bs I'm not looking forward to tho :'D ...plswishmeluck. xD

as for the charity project...

it's on preorder now, so if anyone was looking to donate to world disaster relief anyway, please consider preordering a copy so you can get something pretty as an added bonus to helping out ppl in need :D it's a digital 'pay what you can' miraculous ladybug themed zine. you donate straight to a charity and send the receipt to us, so your donation goes instantly to ppl in need ;0;/ we've raised nearly 6000USD on just preorders alone already. i have friends and fam who have been touched by some of the disasters this year [the mexico quakes, and the hurricanes hitting puerto rico and fl], so i'm really proud of this project and all the ppl who have contributed to it and donated so far ;0;

here's a link to my preview post if anyone wants to see a glimpse of my last 3 weeks of artistic pain lmaooo :'D

see y'all next update ;0;/

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