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chapter 11: page 11

2017-09-21 18:29:46

what's all this then? actually volunteering knowledge? who is this imposter? this imposander? //shot lmao


josh is finally finding some free time from work, so he's picking at the next website layout again ;0;/ please look forward to a pretty new layout, prettier archive page, top of page navigation, more fleshed out character pages, a story so far page, better fanart presentation, the end of that goddamn dead forum link and other things i think i have forgotten about because it's been 2 years since i designed the layout LMAOOO..... oh my god it's been 2 years......... //laysonface// i should look at the art i drew for it...i bet i hate it now... ;;;;;

anyway!! if you guys have any suggestions for features my site is lacking in, now is a great time to lemme know. the top navigation i know is a big one. it bothers me a lot too lol. but i am sure there are other things i could add, so spill about em in the comments or PM me on tumblr or on FB lol.

in other newwwss... whatttt the heck is going on with this world right now??? so many hurricanes and fires and monsoons and earthquakes and voLCANIC ERUPTIONS??? like ...aaaaahhgfjkdfgd. if anyone is into Miraculous Ladybug, my friends and I are working on a charity fanzine [similar to one we put together last year for haiti, cept this time it's for global disaster relief instead of one disaster]... i'll prolly update about this in future posts, since it's still in the early stages...but we are urging ppl to donate asap, since the need is obviously pretty great right now. @_@ you can read about it on the tumblr, otherwise, feel free to ignore this ;;;

anyway, that's all. thanks for reading!

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