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chapter 11: page 8

2017-01-23 13:19:42

no arlies were harmed in the making of this page. really.

also this page is another time where i am like.... why didn't i make arlie the main chara??? i love her so much.

lol anyway... i tried yet another shading method on this page. this one is just using multiply, instead of hand painting anything... it sped up the colouring a lot. i was able to do it in a week rather than several, which is good for my wrist and also really good time, considering how often life and the kiddo interrupts... [in the short time it took to write this post, the izzie interruption count reached 5.]

also since i can't update my damn TWC vote pic, i figure any of y'all might get a kick out of this patreon request i finished for the month of dec. :'D

see y'all next update! and thanks as always for sticking with me ;0;/

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Various wips from my sketchbook of Vix and her Twin [but strangely none of them together xD]

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