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chapter 11: page 7

2016-12-05 23:44:24

arliss is also that friend :'D

[click back if you missed the previous page, this was a double update!!]

OKAY HOLY CRAP GUYS, these pages have been done for like 84 years, but i just haven't had any free time to sit and post them. but the fucking planets aligned tonight, izzie went to bed on time for once and josh is playing path of exile, so i finally have me time in the evening to log onto my desktop dfhsjfhj ;0;!!!! eventually i need to get my passwords and accounts all set up on my tablet so i can just...say bye to the desktop lol. but that requires hubby and literally for the past fuckin y e a r he has been swamped at work, so i haven't wanted to bother him with computer stuff when he gets home. [this is also why the new layout still isn't up...a year after i finished the design and files for it... ;0;]

anyway long sob story aside, i am very sorry this took so long to update xD;;; [the pages were actually sitting on patreon since finished so like maybe 5 ppl noticed those lol] amnd i'd also like to point out i did this ENTIRE PAGE on my surface pro, because i got tired of not being able to work on pages anymore lol [again -- without fail, when i log onto the desktop while izzie is awake, she makes my life hell]. i tried a few different ink methods [mostly obvious different one is panel 2] but i ended up settling for a sloppy sorta thing cos i can't ink very cleanly on the pro. i think you mostly can't tell at web size tho so it worked out!

anyway, um, if you guys have wanted to get in contact with me, lately it's mostly easiest to message me on tumblr. my phone acts funny with facebook, and never lets me actually see the private messages on there. [i can see wall posts ok tho]...but i am super active on tumblr now, so hit me up there ;0; i'll also try and recover my pw for disqus so i can use that on my phone again. bu it might have to wait til i get a new one. [current one is really buggy but it was like 50$ so go figure >>]

[btw, pls excuse any typos, using the desktop kb feels weird after all this time @_@]

but yea, sorry again about the lack of updates ._. to any of you still sticking around...thanks @_@ i'm doing my best lol

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[not updating this today, i don't have the password anymore :T]
Various wips from my sketchbook of Vix and her Twin [but strantely none of them together xD]

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