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chapter 11: page 4

2016-06-13 16:26:03

a distraction appears 8D For the record the pouncing hug was unplanned. Vix was just supposed to smile really big, and Anna pointed out she ought to do it more. Generic dumb shit. This...fits them better xD It's honestly really refreshing to draw happy/goofy Vix ;0; She hasn't really had a lot to smile about since this whole thing began xD //pets@her

ANYWAY... sorry as always for the late update. this page has actually been done for over a month but I haven't been at my comp long enough lately to actually post it lol. I can't access my files from my tablet, which is what I am using more and more lately... I really need to get it set up for d*s-ing in general, it's calibrated but still not enough ;0; i can sort of sketch with it but that's it e_e

[on top of that there's izzie, who discovered swimming back in May... i haven't quiet figured how to balance the 2+ hours a day of that into my art schedule yet lol...]

Anyway, even quicker colouring job on this page. And next page [the one I am colouring currently] I am trying something newer/even faster that might work out??? About to go work on it now for about an hour before I get back to cleaning house xD I might be able to finish most of the colour in that time with this method 8D we'll see.

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Random wips from my sketchbook. nevermind TWC refuses to allow me to log in so I'll update this later...

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