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chapter 11: page 3

2016-05-12 21:36:31

Vix is really good with those guilt trippy puppy eyes...

Sorry I didn't post sooner xD I had to take a week long wrist break after spending 5+ hours straight inking one of the coming pages [i think page...5?] ... I only really hurt for 3 days after that but as punishment I pushed it to a week e_e; that'll teach me to forget to turn on work rave 8D;

Started trying to dial back my colouring this page xD Not sure it's super obvious. Gonna keep fooling with it til I have a good balance between quicker/looks good xD

Also this middle tidbit [why they left julie behind] wasn't actually in the original script but I threw it in cos it seemed like something Vix would wanna know [and maybe you guys too???]... I actually...forget what the original dialogue was here hahah. I'd have to pull out the script...

Patreon is still a thang. Eventually I will have a button permanant...whenever the new layout comes... //side eye @ hubby lol

Current Incentive:

[[no new vote bait, i literally drew nothing for over a week, not even on paper argh xD;]]
requested sketch from patreon from last month that turned into a comic... prompt was "zeke arm wrestling arliss or jo" ...something like that. somehow it uhhh...went directly the opposite way i intended and this happened?

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