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chapter 11: page 5

2016-07-15 10:55:41

Vix no that's racist 8(

In other news stairs. stairs. why do they exist? to make me sad?

Nothing new to report honestly. Still only at my comp maybe once or twice a month [the few times izzie naps anymore]. Y'all are prolly tired of hearing about that tho lol. On the plus side I am definitely making pages faster when I can actually work on them so there's that????

Next page is inked already but I need to build my thumbnail buffer again, which I will be trying to do on the Surface pro [cannot ink for shit on it but sketching works ..... okayish]. GL me lol

Current Incentive:

Various wips from my sketchbook of Vix and her Twin [but strantely none of them together xD]

[obligatory patreon link I haven't been able to give many previews lately so just djgdfhgjd idk don't i guess]

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