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chapter 11: stab city

2016-04-07 21:57:33


Sorry for the lengthy hiatus. I could say most of it was due to my wrist but really only like 25% of it was. 8( I'd say it was 25% wrist rest, 40% child distractions, 25% Miraculous Ladybug obsession [i'd rec it but don't, it's too addictive, you will not survive] and 5% working on print edits looool ._. and then the last 5% was me hoping Josh would find free time for layout version 3... [spoilers: he didn't. he's been overly busy at work since late nov, so...not sure when the new layout will go up fhfshjs ;0;]

But yea...just. WOW. Sorry. BUUT here we are, heading into chapter 11 finally ;0; I'm pretty nervous for this chapter lol... it uhh... things start to...get interesting??? I guess?????? //covers face and screams//

ANYWAY, Chapter 11 is named for Stab City by As Tall As Lions! I am using this remixed version cos the sound/mood suits d*s, but the original is fucking amazing as well and you should check it out!!

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shit i don't even know what to use here right now, most of my non-d*s page art time has been devoted to ladybug doodles pfff. have a buncha random art???

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