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chapter 10: page 25

2015-09-17 18:49:06

This page took way too long. I blame crowds. And potty training a stubborn toddler. 8D; Anddd I feel like I forgot to do something but...oh well xD I'll fix it later if I did.

I'm super sad cos I had to cut a cute Jo moment here...as she was heading down the stairs, she was gonna like, bap kou on the arm and do a really frantic, "TALK TO HERRR, SOMTHIN'S UP" mouthing/miming thing, and Kou would just be like "uhhh-- oh." and then talk to Vix xDDD;;
But it messed up the page flow too much... plus it made things way too cramped. like i couldn't even draw more than a few basic stickfigures before I realized it wasn't meant to be ;0; But I figured I'd share it cos it's cute and I want y'all to mourn one of many deleted character moments in my comic xD;; [literally, so many deleted things like this ._.]

Jaron from Leitbur again [sorry sam ;0;], as well their awesome song, Counterpart~
Tenge&Rana from Sombulus
Awesome Bra Flinging Leitbur Fan [i'm not sure it's ok to link his fb, but he's adorable xD]
Sagira&Garrett from The Only Half Saga
Adrienne&Leon from The Sundown Boys
Menkar&Syrma from MoonSlayer

ALRIGHT, so since we got SO MANY freaking new people in Spiderforest this year, we're announcing them in batches! So, please check out the first three!

Ensanguine -- Sci-fi/drama... Basically it follows a guy who was created as a living cure-all... and he's way not into that 8D But yea, my awful summary aside, this is really good... I'm just not sure how to sum it up without super-spoilers... I went in knowing nothing and it was really fun to piece it all together 8D
Heracles Knot -- Urban Fantasy I think?! Follows a group of people training to become Wardens for The Order, a group that keeps the peace between the human and unhuman types. Really cool organic world building in this and I love the art xD~
Daniel -- Horror... vampire horror! Awww yiss! Daniel follows...well, Daniel, a kinda dorky dude, and his close friend Christine, whom he has a thing for. But then Daniel goes missing for a few months, and returns as a completely different person... SPOILERS GUYS, HE'S A VAMPIRE. But yea, this comic is fuckin' awesome. I miss evil vampires 8D [says the person writing friendly vampires lolol] I have to say, tho, this comic starts getting reaaaalllly dark/gruesome the further in you go, so if you are squeamish about graphic gore, just uhh...be aware, that is a thing in this comic. XD

[i'll be adding a buncha these guys to my link page soon enough, since i am reading them weekly now...lol.]

Current Incentive:

Been using my no computer/no draw days to work on the script, so no new art per se. I figure I need to change the incentive again tho, so here's the next page's thumbnails, sans text. It's pretty sloppy but yay...previews??? xD

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