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chapter 10: page 24

2015-09-03 19:40:14


So I actually lost a lot of this pageeee... yesterday, I was working with the server file instead of the local one [idk why, i don't normally -- just by mistake] when our server finally gave a death wheeze, and ...idk, it crashed photoshop on me, so when I ended up opening my local file, I had lost a few hours of work 8D;;; So I am sure I forgot to do some stuff on this page, but it looks ok! Nothing obvious anyway! xD

Here's the fanart I forgot to link last week!

AWESOME PRETTY RYLIEEEE //love@herforev Click for fullsize/to go to the artist's DA! =DDD

SpiderForest app season is over! Whhhewww, man we got soooo many apps. We broke our previous 2009 record hahah. We're still waiting on 1 or 2 more accepted comics to respond, so I'll prolly give all the new members a shout out next week... or maybe in batches over a couple weeks, since it's a lot of new comics and I wanna give them all a fair shake! But yeah, thank you to everyone who applied ;0;

In other news, IZZIE TURNED 3 THIS WEEK. we're having her party on saturday...time flies, jeeeez.

OK, gonna go rest my wrist! See y'all next week or uhh...the week after, since i haven't started the next page yet //cray
stupid wrist

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[same as last week but please feel free to vote again, as it's a new month :>... i actually did draw some new d*s related stuff, but it's all spoilers for later in the story, so i can't share it...sorry xD;;;]
I did some requests on tumblr during my no-computer-art days [paper art doesn't bother my wrist at all for some reason lol]... these are all already on tumblr, but here they all are in one place cos why not 8D; some spoilers in here but i think they are all safely vauge/out of context enough not to be worried about lol

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