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chapter 10: page 19

2015-02-19 21:27:32

I don't think Kou's ever witnessed The Homewrecker in action before...

Sooo with this new colouring method... it's really easy haha. I finished this page in 2 days and considering moving on to the next page to possibly update on Tuesday, but decided instead to work on the print edits again, because AHHhhh it's been too long! I finally caught up there where I left off the last time thru, so it'll slow down a bit now I think... but I'm glad to be making progress on them again. Sorry that it means no extra updates on the main site tho...[that said...who knows, maybe i will still manage to do another page before tuesday lol...]

Song playing is still Think Of Tomorrow btw.

Cameos on this page:
Chloe & Maddie from Bad Moon Rising [and yes, chloe is gigantic on purpose]
Lave from DDWG
Bean from Lapse
Luthe from From the Machine [from-from...again. lol]

I have some fanart to share, but I am still waiting to hear back from one of the ppl about posting theirs here, so I will share it next week instead :)

This is still going on! 4 days left :D Go Ava~

Current Incentive:

So my buddy came up with this idea for a side comic I need to do and I've been slowly expanding it in my head the past couple of weeks, so I figured I'd draw something based on one of the scenes. I threw some lazy colouring on it but it's just a doodle xD

It's a Kylie thing btw

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