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chapter 10: page 10

2014-12-12 21:15:21

This is a good approach, Vix. You probably shouldn't mention the dude you freed from the basement that is possibly trying to kill you, or the ex-boyfriend that actually did try to kill you... just... keep those on the DL gurl.

Omg you guys I could draw Julie forever, I love her ahhhh. I could also draw Arlie stuffing her face forever hahaha. It's more fun than expected...

OH RIGHT I forgot to mention cameos this page!

-- Karasu & Emyli from my HIME comic
-- Malaak from Malaak: Angel of Peace
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This week is MoonSlayer!

When Syrma discovers that she is the victim of a curse that will end her life, she intends to change her fate. For this she must destroy the goddess who condemned her... and time is running out.

This comic is so damn pretty guys. She inks all the pages by hand like a damn boss. It is still relatively early in it's story so it's a good time to jump in!

Current Incentive:

Page 3 [of 5] of the Kou/Arliss mini-comic wherein they attempt to find a bday gift for Vix. [i didn't have to replace all the dialogue in this one... lol]

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