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chapter 10: page 8

2014-11-20 18:23:01

edit 11/26: no update this week after all! sorry guys! see you next week!

Sorry if you notice a decline in quality this week. Coloured this entire page very quickly today, and not with my usual care. I think it looks pretty good considering I only got to spend a few hours on it, tho, so I don't feel too bad lol... I'll fix is for print later for sure tho.

Anyway, reason for the rush is we're going outta town for the weekend, leaving tomorrow morning, and I still gotta go pack... which i am going to go do now. HAVE A GOOD WEEKEND EVERYONE!! [and a good thanksgiving as well! p sure there will be a page next week but will keep you posted as always on fb/twitter]

This week is Stargazer's Gate!

Some gates aren't meant to be opened. Atrina Vilanar stumbles through a gate into the tightly controlled world of Wynd, leaving behind her sister, Leawyn, who's sure Atrina isn't dead. Her search leads her through the dark secrets of her lineage, and straight into another mysterious gate. Open gates are open doors to the things on the other side.

The Kickstarter for Chirault is on it's final week! The final stretch goal includes chirault side-comics from several artists, including myself! =D Check it out~

Current Incentive:

No extra time again this week, obviously, so here's page 1 of an old comic from 2006[?] wherein Kou and Arliss go shopping for a bday present for Vix. [there are 5 pages...next week's votebait will be page 2].

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