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chapter 10: page 6

2014-11-06 20:09:40


So this is the page that wrecked my wrist loool. ALL THE BG UGH. I am still recovering [not drawing as much] so the two page buffer I had for a couple weeks now iiiis already gone GOOD JOB ME. But I am pretty happy with these pages anyway, even if the proportions are a bit off in places xD I have been using the method from this post to do all these bg's and it helps so muchhhh even for outdoor scenes like this :C i can't recommend that method enough xD

Anyway, Posting early cos whaaat 10 year ani with the hubby [10 years since our first date, i mean...wedding one is in april and we rarely bother with that ani pff]. I am 100% the guy in the relationship cos i literally forget our ani every year til he brings home something cute for me looolfffffuck i am the worst ever 8D

Btw, there are a few more cameos/refs on this page~

Panel 3:
- Teeko+Kiran again from Chirault [but covered by dialogue oops]
- Colbey+Peter from What It Takes
- Blaise [coverd by dialogue+Snow posters from Snow By Night, used with permission :'D [you can see them up close here]
- Other movie posters are old art from my other comics/stories: Life in Rain, Atrabolus, 8mm, Dahlia.

Panel 4:
- Me+Bestie Kyrstan, being lost. She is judging me because I was the navigator.
- Tiny Keiko+Setsuna for my friend Jessa
- Tiny Ash Ketchum with a Pikachu [no reason, no regrets]
- Tiny Disco [my silly dragon gal oc] as a waitress COS WHY NOT

This week is LaSalle's Legacy!

On a world similar to our own, Jonathan LaSalle meets his bastard brother, Jared, who reveals that their father had a very unsavory past. Part of that past is Rijik Van Heissler, a pirate turned zombie who is seeking vengeance for past wrongs. Jonathan and Jared must work together and learn how to kill this zombie before he can kill them. But time is running out for both of them...

The Chirault Kickstarter is still going! It's into stretch goals already cos, AS I PREDICTED, she blew goal outta the water on day 1 :P Again, I say if you are feeling generous, pledge @ the kickstarter or just feel free to show your support by reblogging the post on tumblr~ :D

Current Incentive:

Some more picking at the high priestess tarot card. I like the first one the most on it's own I think, tho I worry it might be confused with the moon card lol...but the last two might look better on a tarot...? it's boring to me tho lol. And the second idea I think would look better as a landscape-oriented pic [more open space on the left hand side] so I think that one is an immediate scrap, at least for this project xD

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