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chapter 10: page 2

2014-10-09 20:43:19

Hmm, who could that be?

Also, Arlie, your costume looks pretty lame... what even are you?

ANYWAY, I guess now it's obvious why I wanted to come back from hiatus during October :'D HALLOWEEN CHAPTER AW YISS. I hope you guys like Halloween, because the comic will be in Halloween mode well into 2015 rotfl....sob.


This week is Sombulus!

Sombulus is a fun fantasy comic that follows an unlikely trio -- Sydney, the feisty paladin; Rana, the tinkerer that can speak to machines; and Astyr, the mischievous energy gatherer -- as they hop through different worlds together, having adventures and generally leaving each place a little more messed up than when they arrived :'D

You might have seen this comic pop up on my links page recently, which is because I finally caught up to it and am SORT OF IN LOVE WITH IT? It's one of the comics I've come to obsessively check at midnight [if i'm awake] on update days haha. It's lighthearted and very funny. I highly recommend it!

Current Incentive:

Panel 1 without the dialogue, with the charas labeled [ch 10 is the chapter of cameos, tho all of them are mine on this page lol]... also full size so you can enjoy the chalkboard menu [this also means it's really huge so enjoy your scrollbar pls]. Also, I tossed in the concept art for Vix's costume, which I changed a bit for the actual comic. [i am still sad i couldn't get the belt to work out lol]

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