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chapter 9: page 35

2014-07-24 20:22:30

@Vix: hurr...something he could do for you, eh? ehhh?

I'm going out of town for a wedding that I got roped into! I will not be able to update [and maybe won't even be online much] til I get back on the 6th xD; Hoping it won't cut into the following update, but as always, keep an eye on Twitter/FB for updates about that! On the other hand, I will hopefully get some paper artwork done, seeing as the drive is 13+ hours lol...

Sorry for the lack of heads up. I kept forgetting to post about it @__@ Only 2 more pages in this chapter, too... eek!

SpiderForest Application Season Closing Tonight!
Today, July 24th, is the last day to apply! Self hosted comics only this round!! That means you need to have your comic hosted on your own site [paid for normally, ad free, etc], and not on a place like a DA gallery lol.
Check here to read a more thorough description~

Amya is still running their kickstarter!!

Current Incentive:

Due to a[n assumed] joke message from an anon poster on Tumblr, Lysandro and Arminara sort of became their own characters in a livestream yesterday. I ended up drawing this pic based on all those ideas during today's livestream... we haven't decided what Arminara looks like yet for sure, but here is Lysandro at least.... enjoy? lol

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