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chapter 9: page 34

2014-07-17 20:25:32

Awww, okay Kou, I guess you're not 100% creepy.

Maybe just...95% creepy. Yeah...

PS, due to some confusion from you guys, I altered this page so there were flashback panels in it. SO THANKS GUYS you improved the page 8D It is def better now xD

Here is the scene from the flashback, if you want to reread it with this reveal in mind... kind of changes the context a bit, I imagine!
[end edit!]

On the other hand, I am sure some of you were hoping more for this sort of outcome after those first panels:

Not gonna lie, after I inked those panels, I kinda felt it too LOL... Y'all infecting me with your ship, jeysus. Speaking of, there's a lot of Kix going on right now. The vote bait, for one...and then a pic I drew during the livestream cos everyone wanted me to draw a Kix pic haha.

In other news, I got a Zeke/Vix giftart, but they haven't gotten an okay to post the art in my news box yet...so uhh instead I WILL JUST LINK TO IT AND GUSH MORE BECAUSE aaaaaaaah it's so cool aaah look at it. DAT CURVY VIX and her faaaceee and fhdsjshj i just love her expression :CCCC HOT ZEKE. HOT ZEKE FOREVERRRRRRRR //howling into the wind

...but srsly go show it some love.

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Kix Date Comic [2006] pages 5 & 6! Not gonna lie, the last page is still my favourite part of this whole comic hahah... ahhh. Hope you enjoyed this old comic!! I will share all the pages on tumblr sometime~ [under the kix tag probably!] I think next time I need something to use as vote bait, I will have to share this one where Arlie and Kou try to shop for a birthday present for Vix lol... it's a pretty good one.

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