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chapter 9: page 16

2014-02-21 12:58:39

KOU WATCH HOW YOU WORD THINGS [then again he's never been super tactful].

In other news, I've updated all the periphery pages, new content or just formatting fixes/cleanup. The Extras section has been spruced up a bit and now has some of the old vote bait side comics, with tags indicating if they are canon or not xD The FAQ has been updated with new questions and some old ones updated based on things I've been asked a lot lately xD Also the Character page has been formatted a bit and I added notable charas to the Unhumans section. About has an updated Story section [just made it more coherent lol] and some other minor edits.

I think that's everything...

In other news, me and Izzie are sick AGAIN. What the heck??? 8D I went for like 2 and a half years of not getting sick much at all and then bam a whole bunch all at once. WTF IS HAPPENING TO ME am i dying IS THIS WHAT DEATH IS, RUNNY NOSES AND NASALLY CRYING BABY omg ogmmnghsdadsdf.

SOMBULUS KICKSTARTER is still going on!


Current Incentive:

A peek at the next page -- this is probably the best Kou I've ever drawn XD I also added a buncha random doodles I did this week when I needed a break from comicking xD They're all on my Tumblr but figured not everyone checks there, so here ya go. xD

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