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chapter 9: page 12

2014-01-24 11:48:12

So this is the page I was dreading, feel free to call me a wuss, but I'm a mama's girl and seeing a mama loose her shit like this makes me EXTREMELY UNCOMFORTABLE. Even if she is an estranged mama...it's still hits me RIGHT IN THE FEELS.

MAMA I LOVE YOU NEVER YELL AT ME *shriek across country*

That outta the way, obviously I didn't skip this week. I figured there are scenes that are genuinely upsetting down the line that are more worth a skip week than this haha. Like I said, this is just my personal sadness button. :P

By the way, I feel bad for Kou in the last panel. He looks really uncomfortable. But at the same time, maybe he's thinking his own thoughts...?

Well that seems canon to me
/edits chara page with kou spoilers about this

SPEAKING OF, I did update the character page finally! I added Arlie's info, and added new hoverover spoilers for Zeke since we've seen more of him now haha, and updated Vix's hoverover a bit too...

What? You didn't know you could hover over the character portraits? WELL HAVE FUN? It's really just important plot points that have occurred in the comic, so if you're caught up, it's safe XD

IN OTHER NEWS, did you guys know there's a d*s TVTropes page? We were talking about TVT on the spiderforest forums the other day and it reminded me! I don't update it myself [a, i don't know how, and b, isn't that a little awkward?] but if any of you are into TVT, have at it XD I think it could prolly be updated~ and I love reading the descriptions you guys add XD [oh, and someone updated it yesterday??! there's a pic there now!]

This week is Evus!

Set in a world of endless cloud seas, Evus is the steampunk-inspired story of a young pilot and his little sister, who embark on a journey to save their sinking hometown, but soon find themselves caught in the crossfire of war... and of forces far too dangerous and powerful for them to comprehend.

This comic is sooo pretty and colourful, and it's super new, so it's really easy to jump in right now! HAVE AT IT!!

Current Incentive:

A peek at the next page in full size, yet again, because I've been preoccupied and haven't really drawn much else this week XD;

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