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chapter 9: page 8

2013-12-27 12:33:13

goddammit i love you arlie STAY ON MY PAGES FOREVER

btw her shirt features artwork by camila fortuna~ check her shit out cos it's awwessomeeee.

I HOPE Y'ALL HAD A GREAT XMAS delicious food and family [also delicious???] and also gifts if you are into that kinda thing

This week is Dark White!

I FEEL BAD THAT I AM SO BEHIND ON THIS COMIC but goddamn it is super good. It's a dark fantasy and has a lot of different unhumany types interacting. The art is super awesome and expressive and clean and omg IT'S JUST SO DISTURBING AT TIMES AND I LOVE IT hfdksfhk. please give it a read, despite my shitty description. It's only a few chapters old so it shouldn't be too much of a time sink just yet :)

Current Incentive:

Another part of the Truth or Dare meme. This week's prompt features an embarrassing story from Jo's past xD

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