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chapter 9: page 6

2013-12-13 13:03:54

Nice, Vix! That's not suspicious at all 8D

Tomorrow is the last day for the donations drive! We're soo close! If anyone was thinking about donating but hasn't yet, please help out!

This week is Supervillainous!

Super fun comic that follows the misadventures of the Crimson Claw, as he balances life as a supervillain and father. It's still relatively new, so the archive is easy to chew through during a break and it'll get you laughing pretty easy xD CHECK IT OUT!

Current Incentive:

Peek at the sketches for the next page [kinda spoilers since it reveals who is at the window, but a few of you already guessed right!] as well as a truth or dare meme I meant to start for this vote bait but ran outta time... oops xD

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