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chapter 9: page 5

2013-12-06 11:30:13

guh i've been sick all week SLEEP WHAT IS IT I HAVE NOT KNOW WHAT MEAN

so yeah pretend i said something elaborate and profound related to this page

oh, but if you missed it, i did update laste week, just a bit later than usual... so go back a page if words words words english words etc

This week is Cooties!

Cooties is an all-ages comic strip which follows a bunch of kids and their adventures dealing with school, friends, parents, the opposite sex, and the occasional paranormal/extraterrestrial catastrophe.

Current Incentive:

[i am too sick to bother with this so same as last week]
A bunch of things! First, some old Zeke/Vix comics based on the novel, but most of the dialogue has been redacted hahaha. There's also a clip for the NEXT page, and a wip of a Kou art I would one day like to finish [mildy nsfw, but nothing is detailed in so...]

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