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chapter 9: page 3

2013-11-22 10:56:31


Also I feel I need to mention my deep regret over covering Arianna's boobs in both panels

I'm sorry

This week is What It Takes!

Okay so I've wanted to read this comic for years and I've just put it off cos dammit, who has time to do anything anymore but oh my god guys MAKE SOME TIME. This comic is badass. The story takes place in a post apocalyptic world -- not just civilization but animal life has all but been extinguished. The story mostly follows Colby, a young woman who knows what it takes to survive [yeah i just typed that without even thinking, sorry not sorry] ...

I want to say more, cos there's a lot more to it than all that, but I don't want to spoil anything for you guys!! This comic fucking rules, but it's also definitely for adults -- there's a lot of violence and language! The art is really fun and expressive, and even though it's all monochrome, I think that really lends to the feel xD I wish I could do d*s like this, man..hsdkhgsdj GUYS JUST READ IT, IT'S AMAZING GO. GO NOW

*scoots to add to links page*

Current Incentive:

A cute Vix from an artswap meme that never got off the ground. I did a quick colour of it the other day out of boredom, but I dunno if I will ever actually colour it xD If you guys wanna colour it, I've provided the lines! If you do, show me, I love seeing that kinda stuff =D

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