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chapter 9: the line

2013-11-01 10:43:28

I had actually planned on doing more cleanup on this cover but I kind of like it how it is lol... it's probably one of my more simple covers too so I feel like it makes sense xD; I am sure in a month I will hate myself for this decision tho.

This chapter is named for the Joydrop song of the same title.

As you can see, I did end up updating this week! Mostly because I wanted to post a few things today...one being the slightly belated Halloween artwork for the votebait, and the other, more important thing being...

The Comic Creators for Freedom fundraiser is starting up again, and I'm finally participating!! Yaaay! xD I kept missing it the years before, BUT NOT THIS YEAR!! CCF is a fundraiser to help support Love146, an organization working against child trafficking. If you are interested in helping as a comic creator, please read up on the website -- as you can see above, the theme this year is 'awkward school photos' and it's super fun xD As a reader, you can donate when we open for donations in December [4th - 12th] -- I'll post again about the fundraiser then so you can help out =)

Those out of the way, I MAY END UP taking that break next week. We'll see how productive I can be next week...currently haven't had a chance to start the next page yet... halloween stuff had me distracted. xD; But yea, again, I'll post about it on Twitter/FB if I'm not going to be updating.

This week is Sunset Grill.

I actually really love Kat's own blurb on the SF site so I'm gonna quote that haha:

Gangsters. Mercenaries. Public defenders. Ordinary people struggling to survive in an extraordinary future. They all have one thing in common: they all drink beer.

Basically, as is implied, the story focuses on the happenings at a bar and the people who either work there or are just passing through. It's set in a future world and there are ships and aliens and such, so this is a Sci Fi story!

Current Incentive:

[mild gore warning~ it's jovial gore tho...!]
Happy Halloween, [almost] everyone is a zombie! Unfortunately I don't have many markers that work well for zombie skintones...so I was experimenting as I went. I'd say Zeke, Seth and Jo came out the best as far as skintones xD [they were my last ones to colour...ofc....e_e;] I'm also not a giant zombie fan [i mean i enjoy zombie movies but beyond that, i don't go outta my way] so I kinda ran outta ideas on what kinda injuries to give everyone...ANYWAY, enjoy?! XD

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