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chapter 8: page 21

2013-10-18 11:03:54

It's okay bb, we're here for you /hughughug :c

It is looking more and more like I might need a week or so hiatus to catch up on the comic after this chapter. I am having a little art block with how to draw the next scene, so it's slowing things down. :C I'll get it for sure, but I'm not confident I will get it before I have to actually have that page posted xD;;; thanks in advance for your patience 8D;;; now off to self deprecate myself into eternity til I get this thing right ghfdgdj

This week is Cetiya.

Cetiya is hard to describe in a few words...it's basically set in a post apocalyptic America [like literally over half of america is a crater XD] where technology is basically 'magic'. There is a trade-off, of course -- you can download these awesome 'spells', but it's at the cost of your own memories. Ouch. The story follows Pada, a man who has traded all of his memories to be the best ADEPT[magic] user, and his handler, a tough lady named Nine...

Cetiya is a pretty interesting comic, but you have to stick with it! It doesn't spoon feed you the plot, you have to piece it together yourself, which I think works well for it. I couldn't stop reading cos I had to figure out if my speculations for things panned out XD Give it a read :9

Current Incentive:

Buncha drunken sketches from last weekend. There is some Kix, Kylie and Zix in there xD And....KOUKARUS the best pairing alive, foreverafter the end.

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