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chapter 8: page 17

2013-09-20 09:44:33


This actually isn't the first time she's used this ability... she used it in chapter 1 by accident but I don't think she noticed at the time XD;;;

Man I was gonna finally update the character page [like vix and kou's profiles need updating mostly, they are *too* intro-y] but I forgot the file where I wrote their new descriptions on my laptop...so maybe next week...

OH, also, to those who noticed last week's page had a funny looking Vix, I've fixed her face a bit! Mostly just her chin is a lot less narrow xD You can compare with the old one if you want. She still has the creepy expression but...hopefully it looks a bit more like her face shape at least now xD [i also kinda messed with zeke up top a bit cos his girly eyebrow was bothering me haha]

I FORGOT LAST WEEK but we accepted a buncha new comics this round @ SpiderForest! Check'em out!

Bedlam Genesis
Damsels Don't Wear Glasses
The Sundown Boys
Stargazer's Gate

._. I'm reading all these currently [need to add them to my links page hfdjs]...as if I needed more comics to keep up with. STOP MAKING FUN COMICS PPL.

I am sure I am forgetting something important in this news post... I am sure if it's something I should have posted for someone, they will let me know xD;;;;

Current Incentive:

Some alternate last panels for this page... xD [if you follow my nsfw blog you've already seen one of these]

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