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chapter 8: page 16

2013-09-13 09:36:48

Hmm! Something is definitely going on here...

SORRY THIS PAGE IS LIKE LIGHT ON PANELS fhfjsdhj I'd post again on Tuesday but I don't even have the next page finished. It's been a rough week for artwork lol :C

In other news, Izzie really enjoyed her birthday cake... that was fun to clean up hahaha. xD


I'm like coming down with something I think so I am gonna go lay down after I finish posting all this stuff... super dizzy T___T;

Current Incentive:

I FOUND MY OLD SKETCHBOOK WITH A BUNCHA UNSCANNED ART dhfhsdj most of it is from when I first got my markers haha. SO YEA OLD ART TODAY. It's super old Kix art and I am lolin' cos I have no idea why they are like ravers here [mostly vix, also KOU WHERE IS YOUR TATT], but yea, there it is xDD [the lyrics are from radiohead's 'there there' btw]

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