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chapter 8: page 15

2013-09-05 14:15:49

Posting early cos I will be busy with family stuff tomorrow!

I have to admit that I have never really cared a shitload about Zeke. He's a cool dude but I just never really enjoyed drawing him that much, mostly I guess cos he's kind of difficult to draw right and rarely ever comes out how I imagine. BUT THAT MIDDLE PANEL, HNNNGGGG, THAT IS HOW I PICTURE HIM. /fans self

Zeke: ..... ._. [it only took her 11 years, i guess that's not awful...]

I feel like I have that issue a lot. I find Kou looks way better/more Kou-ish in my sketches than when I've inked and coloured him. He looks perfectly Kou-ish in both the recent Kousander things I did haha... but maybe I just always picture him as a sourpuss...? Or maybe I just need to ink more accurately =P Or it's just my aversion to drawing dudes in general 8DDD ...lol.

I'll figure it out...

Izzie's birthday party is on Saturday [but her bday was monday, eek]! I can't wait :C I hope she enjoys her cake. I will be super sad if she doesn't demolish it.

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Fullsize Zeke panel cos hnnnggg...

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