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chapter 8: page 11

2013-08-11 21:03:07

Rico you old rascal.

LATE PAGE OH JESUS. I don't think that's happened since....uhhhh...forever. If you don't keep up with social media, I was sick Thursday/Friday and then Saturday and Sunday I was doing an overnight hike at Sunol cos we'd been planning it for a month or so lol... BUT I AM HOME NOW AND FINALLY UPDATING. PLEASE EXCUSE ANY MISTAKES, I AM LE TIRED andddd in a rush to update for you!!

I have new fanarts to share!

First up is from Delphina, which is her half of an art card trade and I am a bum who has yet to do hers. xD;;;

IT'S ARLIE GUYS I was surprised and so happy :ccc She's such a new chara, I wasn't expected to her art of her yet :C! /melt happily

These three are from Bree who is ADORABLE AND SWEET AND clearly insane, because WHAT, 3 FANARTS. Also you can blame her for the whole shipping battle that happened on Tumblr lmao. [make sure to click these for the full size!]

Omgaaaad this is the one that made me feel so guilty for squealing that I had to draw Kylie stuff lmao... [note: see vote bait]

oh my glob /fanningself

DAWWWW JESUS I CAN'T /briefly jumps to kix ship

OKAY I THINK THAT IS ALL. this news post took way too long. I HATE HTMLING and hope i didn't screw anything up in my rush cos it'll have to wait to be fixed LMAO. BED TIME. /flee

ATTENTION WEBCOMIC ARTISTS/WRITERS: SPIDERFOREST IS OPEN FOR APPLICATIONS!! [read previous news post for wtf i am talkin' about, willis]

Current Incentive:

A mini chronicle of all the shipping wars that went on @ tumblr... there is A LOT here so make sure you scroll down/side to side if you have to!!! Some of it is repeated from Tumblr but there's an extra thing at the bottom too [thanks to bree lmao]

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