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chapter 8: page 8

2013-07-19 09:52:49


But for real, I imagine Vix isn't getting the dialogue as clearly as we are. The word bubbles are more for our benefit xD But she's getting the general feel and impressions that the wolf is trying to communicate and kinda mentally filling in the blanks.

I'm actually really enjoying drawing the wolves! As promised last week, here are the things I relied on heavily while drawing my wolves:
- Autlaw's Wolf Anatomy [and the other 3 parts linked in the descriptiom]
- Wolf Comparison to keep an eye on the general size of wolves haha
- and then p much just googling a lot for references [example, sketch for the current middle panel wolfie...]

Really tho, those 4 anatomy guides Autlaw posted were the main references. P damn useful!

I think that's it??? I got a fanart this week [/screamingjoy] but I wanted to make sure it was ok for me to share it first. xD So maybe next week I will share it if they say I can :'D it'sreallycutesoihopeican.

Current Incentive:

Final page of the Dog comic. THIS PAGE TOOK ME ALL DAY YESTERDAY COS OF ISABEL. But the fact that it only took a day is pretty incredible [so did page 2]. Maybe I should start incorporating the colouring I used on here into the actual comic [with a little more polish ofc...]

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