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chapter 8: page 7

2013-07-12 08:59:26

WOLVES. WOOOOOOOOOOLVES. I haven't drawn wolves since like 2006 LMAO. They kept coming out like lions cos I was reverting to my Lion King days cos apparently all animals = lions to my art brain xD;;;;

BUT I THINK THEY LOOK GOOD NOW. Thanks mostly to a lot of tutorials on deviant art about wolf anatomy [i'd link but i have them saved on the laptop...will link them next week!]

In other news...Pacific Rim is out... I... I don't get to see it yet but OMG excited. D:

THAT IS ALL. Must go hang with the kid.

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Page 2 of the return of dog comic. [if you missed page 1, i will be posting all 3 pages later on fb and tumblr, so you can catch up there later!]

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