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chapter 8: page 2

2013-06-06 08:46:09


I promise the next page actually has words tho. xD;

Posting a day early cos I am gonna be busy tomorrow and don't wanna have to worry about posting a page then xD

I think there's not really much to report, otherwise? Aside from my slow progress on pages. I am currently only just past inking the next page [used to being 5+ pages ahead!! argh!!!]... I think I will finish it before next update, but as always, I'll let you know if I am gonna be unable to post a page on the various sites.

We can all blame Izzie for the slowness ;P! She's finally gotten really mobile so she's been getting into a lot of trouble all week! Lots of me stopping drawing to keep her entertained so she doesn't go wandering away to grab at things she shouldn't :P! [this includes chasing the cats and trying to chew on their tails... poor cats.]

That's all for now! I think!

Current Incentive:

Full size view of the first two panels of the next page [you'll have to scroll down and then scroll to the side to see the other panel...i work a bit big lol] because I have nothing else for you today.

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