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chapter 8: page 3

2013-06-14 09:28:38

I forgot how long it takes to ink and colour the dreamscape outfits /crying

So we've gotten to that point where my baby is 100% mobile and getting into everything. This means it takes me foreeeeeever to finish a page because I am constantly running off to stop her from grabbing things she shouldn't [or from grabbing the cats by their tails]... I literally just last night finished inking the next page [usually it would be mostly coloured by now...] tho, tbh, I think that's partially my own fault, since I did an art swap meme with a few friends this week, but it's been a while since I got to just fuck around, so I'm not gonna guilt trip myself over it haha...

But yeah, doesn't negate the mobile baby factor too much...we'll see how my update schedule is gonna be from here out. If it comes to it, i will post lazy greyscale pages so I can continue posting and I'll either colour them and then reupload later, or just leave the colour version for the print copy. Idk. We'll see what happens!

Anyway gonna run to go play with said baby. She's getting antsy cos I've had her in her exersaucer chair for 30~ish mins now while finishing the touchups on this page and is def ready to explore the house more haha.

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Fullsize view of panel 3... cos I haven't got anything else to share xD

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