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chapter 7: page 47

2012-07-26 18:12:04

Awkward father/daughter time.... reeeaaally awkward lol.

Posting early so I can spend the rest of the night working on baby's room! Almost done with painting the trim, and then we can move all the furniture in there. Will be so much happier when it's done... we're cutting it pretty close, I think! Lol xD;

Next week is the last update before the hiatus! I'm both sad and excited for it, to be honest. I really want to spend any of my remaining free-art time on the vol 1 print. I don't expect it will get done before the baby arrives, but it'll be nice to finally get back to working on it!

For those that were unaware, I was redoing some of the older artwork [mostly those awful long faces/some awkward anatomy...] and fixing a lot of the old dialogue, not to mention having to add some space around everything for print xD;; I really didn't start this comic off right for print LOL. I was ignorant as hell about it... that's how it is when you learn as you go, though xD

[if you missed it, i actually posted a vote incentive a while back with some peeks at some of the edits -- that file has some random paint-chat doodles you can oogle as well lol]

Anyway, see y'all next week :>


The Spider Forest comic of the week is Between Places!

In a world where dreams are reality, the Order has one mission: to save the inhabitants of what may be nothing more than a dream.

Tiana is actually the one who introduced me to Spiderforest :D <3 @ her forever for that xD

Anyway, she suggested new readers could start at chapter 9 or with her current short story. You can't really go wrong either way. :P

Current Incentive:

[7/26: sorry no new art -- busyyy day today, didn't even get access to my comp until 4~ish!]
Quick comic I drew based on a dream I had the other night. Note: this is the second were-baby dream I've had [the first time, she was a werekitten] ...

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