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chapter 7: page 38

2012-05-24 19:24:55

Hmm, suspicious...!

As with on the last page, I cut out a lot of narration from this page and just altered the dialogue a little bit... I think it loses something without the narration, tho, but I what you guys don't know can't hurt you, I guess haha.

In other news: Monday is dream*scar's third anniversary as a webcomic! You can celebrate this by... well just continuing to be 100% awesome as readerssssffjkahh I'm pretty exhausted right now so having trouble thinking of what else to say about this. Gonna go space out while staring at a wall now lol...

[on a personal note, grats @ my big sis. if you are reading this, you know why. :)]

The Spider Forest comic of the week is Footloose!

Keti Jones is a third generation Primary Protagonist with some seriously mixed up DNA, and a predispotion to Multiple Genre-induced Sanity Dysfunction. In a world where the rules of Fiction control everything she must learn to defend herself... with shoes.

Current Incentive:

WIP from a joint OC meme I am doing with Kat of Bedlam Genesis xD Hopefully it will get finished soon... also, hope she doesn't mind me showing off her side, too. Her Vix's are so cute, had to share :ccc

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